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About Lulu’s

About Lulu’s2018-06-26T17:56:46-04:00

Based out of sunny Tampa, Florida, Lulu’s Pet Supply was formed with the intention of manufacturing natural, hypoallergenic pet products that are safe and effective for all furry friends alike.

From the very beginning, Lulu’s has been a family-owned operation passionate about creating healthy and natural pet supplies and products to improve and enrich the lives of pets and their humans.

Through innovation and creativity, Lulu’s has developed leading products in the industry created specifically to give pets and their humans a better life.

The journey began when Lulu, a mini Chinese Shar-Pei, was adopted from a local high-kill shelter by who would eventually become our founders: Greg and Skie. Lulu was “fixed” at the shelter when she was very young, which resulted in her eventual urinary incontinence — (read: she leaks all over the place!) The result: Skie constantly trying product after product to clean up Lulu’s sporadic accidents. After exhausting every option (and being disappointed every time), Greg and Skie realized that most of the pet supplies on the market were being imported from China, missing key ingredients required to be effective, and toxic around us, our little ones & our furry friends. It was at this point that they had an epiphany and saw the need for high quality, natural and effective pet products.

After these experiences, Greg, who had experience with chemicals his entire life from running his family’s third-generation cleaning supply company, decided to put his background to work in the pet industry. Lulu’s health curse turned into a blessing and Lulu’s Pet Supply was born. With a vision to create a range of premium pet products that are safe and effective, every product that we offer is a product we use in our own households.

We look forward to serving you and welcome you to the Lulu’s family!